Approved the first Agricultural Law in the Balearic Islands


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The Agricultural Law opens up to a modern future in the agricultural and stock sector of the Balearic Islands. The new law encourages the rural development in the Balearic territory and in particular the isle of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza.

On Tuesday 2nd December the Parlimentary Session in Mallorca approved the first Agricultural Law in the Balearic Islands. With its approval is closed the legislative proceeding that was started last September and that was guaranteed by the presentation and later agreement between the administration and the farming, stock, forest and food and agriculture sector. The draft was not only accepted by the agricultural sector of the Balearic Islands that for some time had been requesting the extension and regulation of farming and stock activities in the Balearic Islands, but also the public exposition of the basic draft of the Agricultural Law was very well accepted by the civil Balearic public. As we commented in our last publication concerning the Agricultural Law of rural development, this new regulation will include:
  • -          Encouragement in the investment in rural land with the possibility of promoting developments such as Golf courses, Polo courses, rural tourism and shelters
  • -          Occupation in the agrarian sector, encouraging the younger generation to take over and including women in the rural area
  • -          Re-valuation of rural patrimony and the products with seal of quality guarantee through their corresponding emblems and their direct sale in areas no larger than 150 square meters.
  • -          Facility at the moment of starting the proceedure and development of agricultural activity and complementary
  • -          Change of use of the agricultural installations for complentary activities and of self production as long as these comply with certain limits according to volume already existing.
Agricultural Law in the Balearic Islands. Innovation in rural area We in Bufete Frau Lawyers believe that the Agricultural Law apart from complying with its regulation in the agricultural sector, will renovate and modernize the rural area all over the island of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza and it will be very interesting to enjoy the activities “agro” cultural and leisure within the beautiful and marvellous surroundings we have in the Balearic Islands. Related entries:

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