Legal Tips of the day. #2 Property Pre-Scan


Legal and Tax "Tip of the Day"

Easiest way to know the steps of buying a property in Spain and also to understand the tax implications of owning a house in Mallorca.

[audio mp3="/uploads/2015/05/Tip005.mp3"][/audio] Many times, when we want to sell our property, we are not aware of the legal status of the house, this could actually be a fairly serious problem which may hinder the sale or even make it impossible. In fact, selling a house without legal uncertainties is the best guarantee for a quick and easy sale. Bufete Frau presents “Property Pre-scan”, a new service in answer to the demand and expectations of owners and Real Estate agencies. The report “Property Pre-scan”, prior to the sale of a property, is born with the object of making known the legal situation of same and to detect any possible irregularities and or/lack of documents, such as the housing certificate or energy efficiency certificate. For further information on “Property pre-scan” you can contact our specialist from Bufete Frau, in an Office close to you.


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