Have now in your pocket any of the legal services that a lawyer can offer you.


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

How can you reach our App and take advantage of all the legal services that a lawyer can offer you from any location in Mallorca and Ibiza, including Spain and the rest of the world?

You can now have a lawyer, consultant and advisor much nearer than what you imagine. Download our App and you will see. It’s very simple and what’s more you can use it both in your Smartphone and in your tablet, this be Apple or Android. Steps from the QR Code:

  •       Download the QR reader Bidi or i-nigma
  •       Scan our QR code that you will find in:
    • Blog of legal, juridical and tax news.
    • Publication in Facebook
    • Twit in Twitter
    • Entry of Google +
  •      Choose language and enter the option App.
  •      Within the option App choose App Store or Android Market depending of the device where you wish to download our application.
Congratulations! Now enjoy our legal services as if you have a lawyer in your Mobile device.

An app with all the legal services that a lawyer offers.

Meet us without any obligation, the first appointment is free of charge.

We breach the frontiers so that it is not necessary for you to travel to any of our offices in Mallorca and Ibiza, it even isn’t necessary that you be in Spain for you to enjoy functions such as:

  • -          Calculation of taxes always supervised by an expert in fiscal law.
  • -          Access to all the latest legalities in our blog, prepared depending on whether they refer to civil rights, real estate law, fiscal and tax advise, etc by an expert lawer in the matter.
  • -          Contact with any lawyer in our offices in Mallorca and Ibiza.
  • -          Make payments online with the comfort and security of these being carried out with a VISA credit card (more information here).
  • -          Interact with Bufete Frau social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

In short, we wish to be closer to you so that you can forget your worries and have a reliable qualified lawyer to take care of your legal matters in a quick, efficient and secure manner.


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