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Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

  The new European regulation that modifies the Inheritance Law that affects foreigners in Mallorca and in Ibiza has become the most visited blog post and has created, during this summer, nearly 200 viewings to the English and German translation.
Legal and Planning update after the change of Government in the Balearic with the planned revision of the Planning Law and Use of Land (LOUS) and the adjustment of holiday accommodation has registered over 200 viewings between the languages in English, German and Spanish.
The publications relating to tax matters of Non Residents has reached the highest on the list with a total of 325 viewings.ranking top links summer 2015

Our office of lawyers has achieved a ranking with the 10 posts, published in our multi-language blog, that most visits has received during this summer. The new European regulation concerning Inheritance law has obtained the highest number of clicks, 125 in the English version and 53 clicks in the German version. This is not unusual as the new regulation is of great interest for those who originate from some European country and live in Mallorca or Ibiza, or own a property in the islands, or wish to enjoy their older years in the islands and/or work in the Balearic Islands. All these people should have the answers to questions such as, what happens in the case of disease? Or, under which Inheritance Law will the inheritance be controlled? The legal and planning update after the change of government in the Balearic Islands has caused a lot of curiosity above all in matters such as the revision of the LOUS and that would mean the stoppage of the extraordinary process of regulation of buildings on rural land. Also the necessary revision of the Tourist Law in order to create a regulation that can regulate the tourist holiday accommodation that already, in the county of Calvia, is 33% of the offer of tourist accommodation. The tax reduction in the Income Tax (IRPF), the taxes that should interest a Non Resident in Mallorca and in Ibiza or the “Tip of the day” of the Non Resident Income Tax has received 325 visits to our web which shows the great interest of our clients to be aware of the Spanish tax system and the tax table corresponding to the Non Residents.

 Results by the number of clicks

The high part of our ranking is occupied by English version posts being the “top link”, with 125 clicks, the new European regulation concerning inheritance publication. The legal update of the Balearic Islands has received 91 visits to our website and the tax reduction of Non Residents has received 72. The two first positions have been divided in 17,24% and 12,55% of the clicks received for the 10 entries comprising this ranking (725 clicks). For groups of interest the results give us a surprising overturn as if we take the clicks made to the entries concerning Non Residents and taxes, that is, the tax reduction of Income Tax (IRPF) to Non Residents, the Income Tax of Non Residents and the taxes that should interest a Non Resident, the number of clicks made for these publications total 325 clicks, 45% of the clicks against the 31% obtained for the three versions of the publication for legal update and 24% of the new European regulation concerning inheritance.

Results by languages

By languages, the legal updating after the change of government has been the publication with most viewings in German and Spanish with 76 and 55 clicks respectively. The English version continues to be that with most visits, 67% against the visits to the publications in German that represents 26% of the total visits in our ranking. In interest, with difference to the English version, the European regulation in German has received 53 visits against the 125 published in English. However, the interest in tax matters for Non Residents has been very similar both in the publications in English as well as German; for example, in the publication concerning tax reduction of Income Tax of Non Residents 56% has corresponded to the English version and 44% to the German. The Spanish publication has only received visits concerning the legal update after the elections in Mallorca and in Ibiza with a registration of 55 clicks. Here you will find the details and the links with which we have drawn up the ranking of publications with most visits during summer 2015    

From our lawyers office, specialists in legal and tax advice to foreign investors during the process of purchase/sale of luxury properties, we like to keep our clients and collaborators always informed of the latest news concerning legal and tax matters, above all that concerning Non Residents.

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