The Govern draws up a temporary rule to put some order into tourist rental


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

From our lawyers office we inform of the last news concerning the Project of Law which is to regulate the rental of holiday homes.

The vice-presidency of Innovation and Tourism is working on the drawing up of a temporary rule in order to place the general conditions to regulate tourist rental. This rule will not establish the areas or centers where it is possible to rent to tourists, although it will number the requirements needed in order to rent. The present Law of Tourism does not include any rule or Decree that regulates the Holiday Tourist Accommodation, but does regulate holiday accommodation in detached and semi-detached single family dwellings. In our article "The Law for holiday rental in Baleares is delayed until the end of the year" you will find further information concerning the process of this rule.

The PIAT regulates the requirements in each island

The Govern wishes that this temporary rule be approved in the next months. Its purpose is to describe how the activity of holiday rental be carried out, as well as to regulate the web pages dedicated to same. It will include a specific set of rules of the requirements that a dwelling must possess in order to form part of a holiday rental: minimum measurements, services and approval from the neighbours community in the case of multi-family dwelings. The areas and centers will be established by each of the islands. In this sense, each island Consell, through the PIAT (Control Plan in Tourist Activity), should draw up a programme to decide the town planning of the areas of tourist activity. The PIAT of Mallorca, for example, has amoungst its aims that to carry out a study and analysis of each area to collect information concerning the tourist and non tourist beds. Additonally it will include the evolution and growth that each tourist area has undergone.

The fight for the trade of accommodation continues

According to the estimates of Aptur, Association of Apartments and Dwellings of Seasonal Rental in Baleares,  33% of the trade is outside the law. In the islands there are 45.775 establishments of holiday homes, of which only 14.243 are legal. The remaining, 31.532 dwellings with more than 126.000 beds, operate outside the law, exposed to fines as those in fact placed by the Tourist Department. In Bufete Frau lawyers we are always watchful in order to offer to our clients all the latest legal, fiscal and planning information. Please remember you can visit us in our offices in: Palma Portals Nous Sóller Ibiza


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